My focus is on the writing instruments of German brands such as Argument, Aristocrat, Astoria, Faber-Castell, Fend, Geha, Goldfinch, Kaweco, Lamy, Montblanc, Osmia, Pelican, Ric-Lei, Rotring or Soennecken until about 1960. But writing instruments from foreign manufacturers and recent date are always welcome! There is almost no problem, which could not be solved. However, you should always weigh effort and results against each other. I would like to give you fair advice and find a good solution with you.

I like to do the small repairs as well as a complete restoration. It is always my endeavor to achieve the original state as far as possible. In addition to experience in technology and materials, a multifaceted stock of spare parts, tools and old literature are of great importance for making this possible. Often a meaningful help is only possible if an "organ donor" is available. So here's my kind request to also offer me your most desperate cases of above mentioned brands. I am happy about every offer. And now enjoy viewing and browsing.

Kind regards

Lutz Fiebig